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Choices, Choices, and Choices…

We all have them, choices to make… Where we’re going to live, what career we’re going to pursue, who we’re going to marry… There’s always a myriad of choices that face us throughout our lives, and even on a daily basis. What movie are we going to watch tonight? What’s for dinner? In Return to New Parish, Hannah has many choices to make, some big, life changing ones, and some, all be it simple, still stressful ones.

Hope you’re enjoying her journey…

Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 12 – Alex

“Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you that I have dinner with each of my wives on rotating evenings,” Alex grinned mischievously. “Tomorrow’s your turn.”

            “What?” Hannah felt like the proverbial deer in the headlights. “I’m not a very good cook,” she admitted honestly. 

            “I can eat just about anything,” Alex shrugged. “It’s just to talk and visit, really. To cover some ground.”

            “Okay,” Hannah sighed. “I make no promises on how dinner will turn out.”

            Alex smiled warmly, “Can’t be any worse than some of the stuff I had to eat when I was on trail rides.” He gave her a quick hug, and said, “I have to get out to the stables.”


Hannah sighed, hoping for good news and opened the email from Brenda.

     “Hi Han,

                        Congratulations. Yes, I’ve heard, at

times, very loudly about your marriage. I’m

glad you’re finally getting into cooking and

have friends that have inspired and encouraged

you. I’m attaching several recipes that should get

you by.

I’ll send some more soonish.

                        Love you too,



Just as she placed the last pan in the drainer, there was a knock on the door. She ran over to the French doors and closed them, and took a long, slow deep breath before she opened her apartment door.

            Alex was standing there with a curious, questioning look, holding a bouquet of flowers.

            Hannah smiled, not really wanting to explain anything, “Avoidance is best,” she thought.

            Alex cleared his throat and said, “These are for you.”

            “Thanks, come on in,” Hannah smiled, breathing in the wonderful aroma of the flowers. She filled a vase with water, placing the flowers in it, then set it in the center of the dining table, which was just past where the food and plates were.

            Alex pulled a chair out for Hannah and scooted it in for her when she sat. He sat at the head of the table and said a short prayer.

            Hannah thought, “A prayer is definitely needed for this meal.”

            “How was your day?” Alex asked, obviously trying not to laugh.

            “Fine,” Hannah replied, determined not to talk about the disaster she’d made of cooking.

            Alex smiled and dished up.

            Hannah did the same, hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as she feared it would be.

            “We have a new foal in stable three,” Alex informed her, taking a bite of Sheppard’s pie.

            “Oh, wow,” Hannah said excitedly. “Can I go visit tomorrow?” She felt guilty hearing the crunching sounds as Alex chewed. She knew shepherd’s pie wasn’t supposed to be crunchy.

            “Sure,” Alex nodded. “She’s not going anywhere. I have high hopes for that little girl.” Then he encouraged, “So, tell me what you did in school.”

            “Programming, networking, if it had anything to do with computer tech, I was in on it,” Hannah replied, taking her first bite of shepherd’s pie. “It’s not too bad,” she thought, breathing a sigh of relief. “I’m going to send Bren a, thank you, email tomorrow.”

            “So when’s your last day on the job?” Alex asked with one eye squinted a bit.

            Hannah smiled, she couldn’t help it, just about everything about him seemed charming to her now. “Next Tuesday,” she replied.

            “Good,” Alex nodded. “I’ll start showing you how things work here next week.”

            “Okay,” she said. Then a thought came to her, “How long have you been doing the girls trick riding team?”

            “Oh, since Lexie got interested when she was about six,” Alex smiled. “She used to like to go watch me ride in the rodeo and she saw groups of girls doing trick riding and wanted to learn.”

            “Wow, that’s really cool,” Hannah said with admiration.

            “Once she got started, some of her cousins wanted in, and before long I had a whole team,” Alex chuckled. “Those girls were very determined.”

            “The ones now are too!” Hannah smiled. “I love watching them.”

            “Maybe you’ll like going to the rodeo then?” Alex winked. “There’s usually another team that does the same circuit we do. Sometimes they get a little competitive, but it keeps my girls on their toes.”

            “Like a rival football team?” Hannah proffered.

            “Yep,” Alex replied.

            After they finished the salad and Sheppard’s pie Hannah retrieved the almost apple pie from the warmer. It was a little burnt around the edges, but the middle was all the way delicious. That made Hannah feel a little better.

            Alex helped Hannah with the dishes and told her about the rodeo schedule for the summer. The customary good night hug was given and, as Hannah closed the door, she breathed a sigh of relief.

            “It wasn’t a complete disaster,” she thought.


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Thanksgiving in New Parish – Part 1


I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time of year! Today I thought I’d share some of the Thanksgiving activities that happen in New Parish. In Return to New Parish Hannah’s family all come out to New Parish for Thanksgiving due to Sarah’s baby Parley, having a little head cold. So, of course, there’s a cowboy flair to this year’s Thanksgiving…


Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 13 – Let’s Talk

“The morning her family were to arrive, Hannah thought, the holiday arrangements had gone pretty smoothly. The only kink in the plans had been when her mom insisted that she and her dad would be staying at Max’s, not Alex’s. Hannah had shrugged that off with the smirky smile thinking, “Really, it’s dodging a bullet, the less time Mom and Alex spend together the better.”

            Hannah remembered finding a bit of extra humor when Alex had told her, Cilla, Patty and Hope, “We’ll put ’em in the South wing.”

            “Maybe no one else would think it’s funny,” she thought, “but I do.”

            That whole area was empty, putting her family in the South Wing for the Thanksgiving holidays was perfect. It was the South Wing part that had given Hannah the giggles. Her southern heritage had long been a source of both pride and embarrassment, depending on the situation or the topic. When someone would say something had “gone south” Hannah always felt a twinge of embarrassment, but when they would refer to southern hospitality there would be a little beam of pride shining from her.

            Hannah pondered the memory of telling her sister wives about how her family all worked together to make the meal, “The prep, and cooking, and clean up are hang out times for us. We’ve always done it that way.” She was relieved and grateful they had embraced, and even gotten enthusiastic about her family’s traditions.

            A couple of weeks before the family were to fly out, her Mom had sent out the list of ingredients and supplies they’d need for the dinner. It literally took that long to gather all the supplies. Hannah supervised the extreme overloading of the house pantry. It was a very large pantry, twenty foot by twenty foot, but, it was so full with all the Thanksgiving supplies till it looked a bit inadequate. Some stuff had to be stacked in the main house kitchen. Hannah and her sister wives had decided that using the main kitchen probably wouldn’t be sufficient for the monumental job ahead. So, they planned on using Patty’s, Cilla’s, and Hannah’s kitchens to compensate and would probably have to use Hope’s fridge too.

            Hannah felt like she needed to heave a sigh of relief and brace for impact at the same time, as she waited for Max to arrive with the South Wingers. About an hour before the plane was to arrive at the small local airport, Max dropped Sarah and the rest of the family off at Alex’s so they could be there to greet the incoming family. Everyone was excited to see everyone again, and for some it was the first time meeting, so there was excitement all around.  Even Del was there, feeling better, and looking a bit more plump.

             Alex had Buck and the boys on standby, to take the bags to the designated rooms. Hannah watched, at the side windows as Max’s van slowed to stop. The South Wingers began emerging from the van, and Buck and his crew began unstrapping the luggage that was attached to the top of the van.

            “So far, so good,” Hannah thought. Then she took a deep fortifying breath, “This is gonna be fun. I hope…”

            The next little while was full of hugs, kisses, and laughter. Everyone was shown their rooms, and given help with settling in, everyone except Samantha and David. Their things were left in the van. Hannah noticed her mom avoiding Alex, and Alex not minding.

            After the settling, they had lunch in the big kitchen. As they were finishing up with the meal David leaned over to Hannah and asked, “So, where are all those Palominos you told me about?”

            “In the stables,” she chuckled. “I can show you in a bit, after the dishes are done. Okay?”

            “Sure,” he smiled.

            “I can walk out there with you. If you want to go ahead out?” Alex offered.

            “Alright,” David nodded, getting up to follow Alex, “Thanks.”

            “You’re welcome,” Alex said leading the way out of the kitchen.

            Hannah didn’t worry about this matchup, she smiled, thinking, “It’ll be good for them to get to know each other.”

            After inventorying and assessing the supplies, Samantha gave Hannah her approval, “Looks like you got everything, Sweetie. We’ll get an early start on it in the morning.”

            “Yep,” Hannah smiled, feeling a bit proud of her new position in the Thanksgiving hierarchy. All previous years she’d been the gofer, the assistant, and the “go put this in the garage fridge person,” which she didn’t mind at all. She was sure those roles would resurface in the morning. These roles were all comfortable for her. This new role was much more stressful, but she liked it all the same.

            “I made tea so we can have a nice visit in the sitting room,” Cilla said as she joined them in the pantry. “It’s herbal,” she smiled seeing the look on Samantha’s face. “Mint, no caffeine.”

            “Oh,” Samantha’s expression still looked awkwardly uncomfortable as she nodded.

            “Come on Mom,” Hannah chuckled, “it’s not against the Word of Wisdom.”

            “I know,” Samantha said, trying to recover from her obvious awkwardness at having tea.

            “It’s really good,” Cilla smiled. “Del grows it in her garden, all organic.”

            Entering the sitting room Hannah noticed that it was an all girl tea party. She looked questioningly at Sarah, “Max took the kids and Dave and Paul out to the stables to see the horses.”

            “Ah,” Hannah nodded, sitting down on the sofa close to Patty and snagging herself a chocolate chip cookie.

            “Here Mom, take this chair,” Brenda got up from the armchair she was sitting in and took a seat next to Hannah. It was a tight squeeze, but she was a very petite person and made it work.

            “Thanks, Sweetie,” Samantha smiled.

            “So, Samantha,” Patty began the conversation. “Tell us about your Thanksgiving tradition. Why do you all get together and do this? I know there has to be an interesting story in it.”

            Samantha nodded and looked pleased, “My great grandparents were immigrants, from England. They came over in 1915, just as the war was beginning. They were very proud to come to America and become citizens.

            My great grandfather already had some family that had immigrated a few years before, so they had a place to come to. It was in August, and believe me, South Georgia in August is an experience. My grandmother said that her mother told her she felt like she was going to die from the heat that first summer. She didn’t, they survived, and became citizens just before Thanksgiving. So, for them it was a special time to celebrate every year, both being American and being grateful.

            My grandparents taught me that when a family works together, they are close and stay that way. Their family had always worked together, so that’s what my grandparents did. As things changed and the world evolved with different job opportunities becoming available – things other than farming. Well, they made sure there were still opportunities for the family to get together and work together. Over the years that work opportunity has become our Thanksgiving tradition.”

            “That’s so wonderful!” Hope said. “I’m glad we get to be part of it.”

            “Oh, me too!” Patty beamed. “Your Grandmother was right. Working together does bring people close.

            “Gran was an amazing lady,” Hannah sighed. “We called her Gran, but actually she was our great grandmother, we never got to meet our grandmother.”

            “Oh?” Patty queried.

            “She and my father passed away when I was a very young girl,” Samantha interjected. “I was raised by my grandparents.”

            “Oh, I see,” Patty nodded understandingly.

            Soon the tea party was over and everyone was back together. Hannah thought the whole house seemed to be alive with life and laughter, and noise. Later that evening was a true cowboy dinner with large rib eye steaks and baked potatoes from the grill and a huge cast iron pot of baked beans cooked over the fire pit. When Alex had said he’d take care of dinner that night Hannah had had full confidence in his abilities but was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. She watched as he and Max manned the grill, including Max’s older boys, teaching them the fine art of manly grilling.

            Hannah got a good laugh when her Dad commented on how good the steaks were and asked where Alex had gotten them. Alex smiled broadly and replied, “Fresh off the hoof.”

            Later that night all the kids were gathered to Hannah’s apartment for the traditional slumber party. All the nieces and nephews along with Liam, Cassie, and Bella were there. Even Rosie and Mia stayed which was a bit of a surprise to Hannah, but she was very pleased they felt that comfortable with her. There was popcorn, movies, and not much floor space when the dust of things settled.”

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Hannah’s Thoughts…

We all have our own unique way of thinking about things. Sometimes we know we’re justifying ourselves, but, continue on anyways… Hannah has a lot to sort out, and sometimes she justifies herself too… But, she does have Sarah to keep her honest.

I love the relationship between Sarah and Hannah, I hope you all enjoy it as well!


Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 6 – Things Change

            “Waking early the next morning Hannah did her best to swipe the vivid memories, of the annoying, recurring dreams, of the old cowboy and his horse, from her mind. She showered and dressed quickly so she would have time to go for a walk before the shopping trip.

            Pulling on her sneakers, she heard a light tapping on the door, it opened and Sarah said, “Hey, I’m glad you’re up.”

            “Oh, yeah, why?” Hannah queried with a “what’s up” look.

            “Mom, called last night,” Sarah said with a raised eyebrow.

            Hannah knew all too well what the raised eyebrow meant. It meant she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t. She also knew that if her mom had called things were about to change, for better or worse, things were going to change.

            Sarah continued, “She wanted to know how you’re doing and when you plan on heading home. You haven’t told her what you’re planning on doing have you?”

            “Um, no,” Hannah replied a little defensively. “I didn’t want to add any drama to my decisions.”

            “Coward,” Sarah accused her, bluntly.

            Hannah chuckled, “I’ll tell her, eventually.”

            “Han,” Sarah said firmly, “If you can’t tell Mom and Dad what you’re going to do then maybe you shouldn’t do it. This is a very serious commitment, you have to be all in.”

              “Fine, fine,” Hannah sighed. “I’ll call them tonight.”

            “Okay,” Sarah smiled, “We’re leaving at nine.”

            “Cool,” Hannah said as Sarah left her there to dread the call and the changes it would bring.

            Grabbing her coat, scarf, and gloves Hannah went outside. The gardens were all frost covered and when she breathed out there was a white mist where her breath touched the air. Everything seemed too quiet, nothing was moving, no wind, no sound to be heard from any direction. This made Hannah think of the old saying, “calm before the storm.” As she walked past the barn and toward the long driveway that led out of the ranch she wondered, if, there was an impending storm…

            Climbing up on the fence near the end of the driveway, Hannah sat on the top rail. She watched the cows in the pasture, they were standing still, almost like statues. “I guess it’s too cold for them to move around much,” she thought to herself. It was beginning to feel more and more like one of those surreal moments that don’t make sense till later, if ever. It felt almost like time were standing still and waiting for her to get the clue, but she just wasn’t getting it. “Maybe it’s this funk I’ve been in lately,” she pondered to herself. She couldn’t figure out why she was feeling the way she was feeling but decided it wasn’t a bad feeling so she would just file it away for now and sort it out later.

            The sky was starting to light up with a breathtaking array of pastel colors, Hannah sat there on the rail and watched the show. “Time’s not standing still,” she thought, “it’s moving wonderfully ahead.””

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Hannah’s New Friends in New Parish

Below is part of a scene where Hannah goes to have lunch with her new friends and they share some of their experiences with her. Hannah is getting ready to follow in Sarah’s footsteps, or at least she thinks she is… She’s curious about how things happened for her friends, and wonders about her own journey. So she asks, “How’d it happen for you guys?” She gets her answers in Return to New Parish… can’t wait for everyone to see what she finds out.

Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 7 – Matching

““Hey, Miss Hannah! Come in,” Liam said, beaming at her with excitement.

            “Hi, Liam. Thanks,” she smiled at the little cowboy.

            “This way,” he said, leading her down the hallway toward the kitchen. “We’re having lunch at the kitchen table.”

            “Okay,” Hannah followed his lead.

            The kitchen was a familiar place that Hannah had really liked when she was there helping out for the Christmas party. A light, airy feeling permeated the room, which was due in part to the far wall, which was almost all large windows, the windows framed a large pair of French doors that showed off the gardens beyond. The other walls were an antique white color with little flecks of yellow, and many pale yellow wooden cabinets with glass fronts along with white trim and knobs. The spacious counters were white marble that had traces of gray every now and then. The huge double refrigerator had yellow wooden panels with white trim to match the cabinets. The kitchen table, which for anyone else would have been a dining room table, was already set for lunch. There was a green salad, pear with cottage cheese, finger sandwiches, and for desert a lovely bread pudding was sitting on a pedestal serving dish in the middle of the table.

            As Hannah walked into the kitchen, she heard Cilla shout excitedly, “Oh, Hannah! I’m so glad you could join us!”

             Hope and Patty and the girls echoed the greeting and there were hugs all around.

            After the blessing on the food and dishing up Cilla said, “I’ve been looking for someone to help Liam with his project for a while now. I’m so glad you can help him, he’s really very advanced and far beyond what any of us around here can do.”

            Hannah shrugged and smiled, “I’ll give it a whirl.”

            “Do you know a lot about computers and robots then?” asked Hope.

            “A fair bit about computers, I have two bachelor’s degrees in computer technology. One in programming, the other in networking, and besides that I took loads of extra classes,” Hannah tried to give her credentials without sounding like she was bragging.

            “That sounds like you’ll fit the bill then,” laughed Patty.

            Liam took over the conversation filling Hannah in on what the project entailed, which took a good thirty minutes. By the time he finished his outline of what he intended to do, they were already on the bread pudding. The bread pudding stopped Liam from giving further details because he was very involved in shoveling it into his mouth.

            This gave room for a change of subject. “So, are you planning on staying here in our little community, Hannah?” Patty asked as Liam occupied himself with the desert.

            “Yes,” Hannah replied. “I’m going to stay. I really do love it here, and I’ve already talked to Brother Michael about marriage and stuff.”

            “Oh, well, that’s exciting,” Hope responded. “I remember when I talked to the church leaders back when I was ready to get married. I was excited, but a bit scared too, not scared of being hurt, mind you, just of the unknown. I was very decided that I wanted to get married and have a family, but still it’s a big step.”

            “Me, too,” Patty agreed, “I remember talking to my parents and getting advice. And, praying, praying a lot!”

            “Yes, me too,” Cilla nodded. “I knew this is what I wanted to do and I was very excited about it, but still I was a little afraid. I waited until I was nineteen, then I told myself to get on with it!”

            “I’m a little nervous, but really very excited about it,” Hannah admitted. “How’d it happen for you guys? I know Sarah’s story, that turned out really great for her.””

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New Author Bio

Here’s the new author bio coming out in my next book, Return to New Parish! I think it gives a little more insight into me, hope you enjoy…

Author Bio ~

Julie Worthington is a quirky, adventurous, tenacious, determined, earnest, enthusiastic person. She writes stories about people who are looking for their happily ever afters, with a bit of adventure, some trouble, and a lot of humor along the way. Julie is always the optimist, looking for the beautiful, the wonder, and the hilarious in life.

Ever the Treky, a close friend once told her, if Spock and Worf had a baby it would be her… she took this to mean that she’s logically passionate about most things in life – it could have meant more, but we’ll go with that.

Julie is from a small town in Georgia, where she grew up learning about southern culture, history, respect for others, and good manners. She now lives in a small community in Arizona, where she has been learning about the western experience, western history, and all things cowboy.

Julie loves history, not so much the wars or other conflicts, but the way people lived and what they did in different times in history. She’s always asking questions like – Why did they do that? Why did they go there? and What was it like when that happened?

As a writer Julie infuses her fiction with real life experiences, places, histories, and cultures. She gets to know each character like a fascinating new friend who inspires her stories and her imagination to new heights. She’s always looking for something unique, different, even mysterious or esoterical to add flavor to her stories.

Learn more about Julie, and her writing adventures, on her blog – or follow her on Facebook –  or on Twitter – @JulesLW


I’m so excited to share Return to New Parish with everyone! Release date coming soon! Book cover release coming soon!

Until then you can always visit New Parish with the first book, New Parish, or check out Brigham Tea Magazine.

New Parish on

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Hannah’s on her way…

I know I’ve been silent for a while now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been unbusy. I’ve been working hard on getting Return to New Parish ready for an August launch. It’s getting close and I’m very excited to share the next New Parish story with everyone!

Until then you can always check out Sarah’s story in the first New Parish book – or Brigham Tea Magazine where you’ll find a short story that gives updates on what Sarah’s up to after the first New Parish book ended… hint, hint, A Day in the Life of a Sister Wife.


New Parish on

Also available at:

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Brigham Tea Magazine:  


I think in life we all have challenges. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Some challenges lead to other challenges that come along because of the original challenge… In my book New Parish Sarah finds that her challenge of becoming a mom is complicated by several other challenges. Challenges such as finding a good man to marry, moving west to live in Arizona, overcoming some predisposed prejudices about a certain cowboy… I hope you’ll enjoy Sarah’s challenges, and her journey to solving those challenges, in New Parish.

Excerpt from New Parish:

Chapter 5 – The Storm

“Looking out the window Sarah could see the wind blowing wildly as the rain pounded the windows and everything else outside. The storm outside was gaining strength…            

Sarah wanted desperately to distract her mind from the thoughts and feelings she was having so she went into the kitchen to fix some hot chocolate. She grabbed a warm blanket to wrap herself in on her way, the chill from earlier was still lingering deep inside her.            

With hot chocolate made, she sat on the mismatched cushions of the wicker sofa and watched the storm outside. The storm inside her raged on as well, she felt like her whole life was in turmoil, not just because of another bad date with a man who really, in the big scheme of things, didn’t matter – but because she had allowed herself to be in that situation, “So, what’s the next situation I’m going to allow myself to get into?” she wondered. She decided to go back to an earlier strategy and consider the pros and cons of plural marriage because now that she had definitely decided that dating was never happening again, plural marriage with its matching system seemed her only option. “Well either that or live my life completely alone and never have the kids I’ve always dreamed of having,” she spoke this thought aloud – she thought her voice sounded sad and angry at the same time.            

Sarah took a sip of hot chocolate and thought, “Cons, umm, Brother Michael’s wives covered a lot of those – jealousy, unfair treatment, possessiveness, controlling sister wives, husbands not doing what they should or allowing the new wife to be excluded… “Ah,” she said aloud, “It all sounds like a bunch of “mean girl” stuff! I don’t want to live the rest of my life that way!” She wrapped the blanket tighter around her and listened to the storm outside. The rain beat on the balcony like hundreds of miniature drums beating, the lightning and thunder joined in often to round out the show.            

Sarah felt like her mind was going numb from too many thoughts – like when you get an injury, it initially hurts then it goes numb and then hurts like crazy later… she welcomed the numbness, but she could still feel the turmoil and conflict of her inner storm just under the surface of her emotions. She sipped her hot chocolate again and braced for impact. Then a memory suddenly and clearly came to the forefront of her thoughts and she could hear Brother Michael’s voice repeating the advice he’d given her when she was in New Parish.            

He said, “The last thing I want to suggest to you is to take some time to ponder and pray about this decision. This is your life. Is this really what you want for your life? This lifestyle has many blessings but it can also be considered a curse to those who don’t have the capacity to accept it in all its varied and sometimes complicated components. I want you to understand that I only want the best for you. If this is truly what you want to do then I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen for you. But, if you have doubts about it, then take the time to find the answers you need to put those doubts to rest, before you make your decision. Okay?”            

“Okay,” she said aloud to this vivid memory, “I’ll pray, I’ve done the “pondering” well, I’ve mostly done the struggling, agonizing, and suffering.”            

Sarah determinedly sat her hot chocolate down on the old wooden end table beside the sofa and pulled the blanket tightly around her. Bowing her head, she poured out all her thoughts, doubts, and questions in sincere prayer. When she finished the long tearful appeal she sat there on the sofa quietly wondering what to do, then the memory of how she felt when she went to church in New Parish filled her with the peace and sense of belonging she’d felt when she was sitting in that place. She began to feel a new calm come over her heart and mind. Memories flowed now of how happy Brother Michael’s wives were and the things they said about accepting each other without requirements or expectations came to her memory’s surface. Next she remembered how happy the kids were and how Mary had described her family.            

The thought dawned on her, “I was only focusing on what could go wrong. There’s a lot that can and does go right…”            

Sarah began to smile, she wanted to keep this feeling, the storm inside was gone as the thunder outside was now sounding far away, she felt peacefully happy inside and had a peace and calm she hadn’t felt in a very long time… “Yeah,” she said, “I know what to do and what I want.””   New Parish is out now! Return to New Parish will be out in a few months!!! You can get a copy of New Parish here:

New Parish by Julie Worthington on

Also available at:

Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park)

Changing Hands Bookstores in Phoenix and Tempe AZ

Coming soon to many new bookstores!