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New Author Bio

Here’s the new author bio coming out in my next book, Return to New Parish! I think it gives a little more insight into me, hope you enjoy…

Author Bio ~

Julie Worthington is a quirky, adventurous, tenacious, determined, earnest, enthusiastic person. She writes stories about people who are looking for their happily ever afters, with a bit of adventure, some trouble, and a lot of humor along the way. Julie is always the optimist, looking for the beautiful, the wonder, and the hilarious in life.

Ever the Treky, a close friend once told her, if Spock and Worf had a baby it would be her… she took this to mean that she’s logically passionate about most things in life – it could have meant more, but we’ll go with that.

Julie is from a small town in Georgia, where she grew up learning about southern culture, history, respect for others, and good manners. She now lives in a small community in Arizona, where she has been learning about the western experience, western history, and all things cowboy.

Julie loves history, not so much the wars or other conflicts, but the way people lived and what they did in different times in history. She’s always asking questions like – Why did they do that? Why did they go there? and What was it like when that happened?

As a writer Julie infuses her fiction with real life experiences, places, histories, and cultures. She gets to know each character like a fascinating new friend who inspires her stories and her imagination to new heights. She’s always looking for something unique, different, even mysterious or esoterical to add flavor to her stories.

Learn more about Julie, and her writing adventures, on her blog – or follow her on Facebook –  or on Twitter – @JulesLW


I’m so excited to share Return to New Parish with everyone! Release date coming soon! Book cover release coming soon!

Until then you can always visit New Parish with the first book, New Parish, or check out Brigham Tea Magazine.

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