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Hello and welcome!

Coming this next week ~

Hello and welcome to my channel!

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This week’s schedule:

Monday – Little Sisters Journal Flip-through! Yes, there is another one! It’s small, compact, and completely adorable!


Tuesday – This is another flip-through but it’s of a Sisters Tunnel book. I use up a bunch of my leftovers and scraps in this one. It turned out so cute, and quite unique!


Wednesday –

This is my first premiere! I chose the flip-through of the Homemade Journal to have my first premiere. It’s a huge journal filled with so much crafty fun, I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!! I’ll be there in the live chat, if anyone wants to visit.


Friday –

This video I’ll share a freebie set and make a Garden Card! It goes along with lots of the other cards we made recently. I really had fun making this one!


Saturday –

Each Saturday in May, I will be making videos for the Postcard Challenge in Tania’s Facebook group. This is Mandy Chilvers project –

This is the 1st video in this series where I share making a fun postcard with freebies that I’m providing! This week’s prompt is, Flamingos. LOL!

Hope you like it!!!


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Instructions for accessing my freebies:

1 – go to

2 – click on the freebies tab at the top left of the page, if you are on your phone click on the menu (the 3 lines at the top) then click on the freebies option

3 – click on the image you want, this will enlarge the image, right click on the image and choose the option you want from the drop-down menu, you can print or download whichever you choose.

4 – make something fun!