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When a Plan Comes Together

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? In life sometimes, it feels like we spend most of our time waiting for something to happen, (yes, I just wrote about waiting), but when it all starts happening it gets exciting.

My book New Parish will be ready in a couple of weeks, and so will the first issue of my magazine! I didn’t plan it that way, but I’m glad its worked out the way it has. Its been a long wait and a lot of work! But it’s finally coming together…

In my book New Parish Sarah feels the same way when things finally start working out for her, she waited a long time and worked hard to make her dreams come true. Things didn’t happen exactly the way she’d planned, but dreams are funny like that.

New Parish Coming Very Soon!!!!

Excerpt from New Parish:

            “Sarah emerged from her thoughts about an hour away from Atlanta, “Call Brother Michael,” she instructed her cell phone. It obeyed, and she could hear the phone ringing almost immediately.

            After the third ring she heard the familiar voice of Brother Michael, “Hello, Sarah. How are you this fine day?”

            She laughed at his wonderful, friendly, charming voice, “I’m doing great! How are you?”

            “Always awesome!” he replied.

            Sarah laughed again, he was like a breath of fresh air after the weekend she’d spent and the conversation she’d had with her parents.

            “I’ve made my decision,” she said very seriously, the laughter had stopped now, Brother Michael was silent on the other end of the line waiting for her to continue. “I’m coming back out there, I want to do plural marriage,” she finished and waited for him to reply.

            “Are you sure? Did you pray about this?” he asked her with a very somber tone to his voice.

            “Yes, and yes,” Sarah said earnestly. “I’ve struggled with this decision since I left New Parish. I went to the beach this weekend to think about it without any distractions so I could make my decision. I’ve made it now, I don’t have any doubts, I’m ready to do this.”

            “Okay, then,” Brother Michael’s voice lightened a bit, “What’s your plan on getting out here?””