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The Scurrying Thing

About 15 years ago I lived in a small town in Idaho, in a nice home which happened to have a real fireplace. My boys were all still home and the youngest was only 2… we were all asleep one night when I heard something scurrying around then it sounded like the scurrying thing flew! I was very uncomfortable with having a scurrying thing in my home especially a flying scurrying thing!! I quickly got up and turned on the lights so I could discover what this thing was but couldn’t see anything at all. I looked all throughout the house and couldn’t find it so I went back to bed thinking maybe I had one of those dreams that seem way too real. Well when the lights had been off for a few minutes and I was starting to settle down a bit I heard it again! Then I felt a puff of wind as it flew by!! So I got up and headed to the light switch all the while keeping low and close to the floor so whatever it was wouldn’t fly into me! Lights on again and again I couldn’t see anything!!!! I knew for sure it was real now and so I was determined to find it whatever it was. My oldest son came out shouting that something was in his room and I wondered how it got in there when it was in my room??? Okay so you have probably guessed it was bats. Yes there were several bats that had entered my home through the chimney and were flying around inside. So armed with a broom we called the police, they laughed but they came… actually several came. They had great sport rounding up the bats and taking them out of the house J after they left I did a thorough search of the house just to make sure and needless to say I didn’t sleep well for a few nights after that.

Yes I did board up the fireplace! I kind of thought they were babies that had probably been born and raised in my chimney… well that was my theory.