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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

As humans we plan and scheme and work towards our goals. We want things to work out the way we have them planned… because that’s what we think is best. Yes, we plan, but our plans can get derailed… There are reasons that our plans can get derailed, a metaphorical brick wall can emerge, someone new and different comes into our lives, or even divine intervention can happen… and our plans change. Sometimes when we least expect it an idea that’s completely outside the box comes into play, something very different than what we had planned.

In my book New Parish Sarah planned on getting married during or right after college. Then she planned on having a baby very soon after. Her plan was to have as many children as she could and be the ultimate soccer mom. At twenty-seven she couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong with her plan. She was way behind schedule and not able to find a decent guy to marry. She had dated all through college, and after. There were plenty of guys, they were all into themselves, jerks, or otherwise eew…

Excerpt from New Parish:

            “Around lunch time she headed out to the children’s center. As she walked down the busy Atlanta sidewalks she looked around at the horde of people on their way to their next destination. She thought about when she’d first moved to Atlanta and how excited she’d been to be living in a big city with so much going on. She’d lost that excitement: it had turned into a tired frustration. The city hadn’t contributed to her dreams at all, her experiences there had diminished them. Her thoughts went to how much her goals and dreams had fragmented over the last few years. Her career was great, but she’d planned on being married and having at least three children by the age of twenty-seven. She sighed thinking, “I have neither a husband or children.” Her frustration on this was starting to grow beyond the normal parameters. Her thoughts turned to her job, “Right out of college, I got this great job, doing what I love, being a graphic artist for children’s books. I’ve worked hard, and now I’m the top artist in the company. I chose this career so I could be a stay at home mom. Sheesh! What’s a girl gotta do to make her dreams come true?”

            Extremely loud sirens jolted Sarah out of her thoughts, she jumped and looked to see what was happening. “Oh, it’s just the cops,” she thought and walked on. No one else seemed to notice. Sighing she thought, “Growing up in Savannah didn’t really prepare me for living in the big city of Atlanta, or the daily adventure each time I leave my apartment.”

            She continued down the sidewalk a few more blocks and entering the children’s center, went to the front desk to sign in. She quickly scanned the sign-in sheet to see if Mary was already there. She was.

            “I can’t believe I’m actually going to ask her about this plural marriage thing,” Sarah thought to herself. “Am I really that desperate?””

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