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Status seems to be something we’re all concerned with, (and sometimes obsessed with) these days. Whether it’s our own status or the status of others, whether it’s social media, at work, at school, or in our families. Status has become the word we use to measure our own worth in many ways. We stress over it, we try to improve it, we even get insecurities over it.

In relationships, status, can be a complicated issue, and sometimes confusing. We can wonder if we’re just dating, or is this an exclusive relationship? Even after marriage the status of the relationship can still be complicated. Insecurities can arise and we can wonder how strong our relationships are, or if they will last. In New Parish Sarah finds insecurities and wonders about her status in her marriage and if maybe her marriage is a lesser marriage…

 Excerpt from New Parish:

“Sarah gave words to her insecurities and fears and asked, “Do you love me as much as you love them? Am I a lesser wife to you because we haven’t been married very long or that we haven’t had children together yet?”

            Max softly and gently answered with his charming cowboy drawl, “No, my darling, you’re not a lesser wife, the feelings of love I have for you and Myra and Del are within me, those feelings are the same for each of you. My love for you is for eternity… Each of the days of our lives is part of eternity so each of the days you are in my life I will love you. I will tell you I love you, and I will show you I love you, that’s how eternal marriage works. It’s an everyday thing not an every now and then thing, you’re my wife, every day, and for everyday from now on through eternity. Even if you never have any children you wouldn’t be a lesser wife. Nor would I love you less for that or any other reason like how long we’ve been married. I’m fully and completely committed to our marriage and our future, my heart is full of love for you.”

            Sarah smiled as Max gently wiped a tear off her cheek, “I love you so much.””

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