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Southern Girls…

Southern girls have a uniqueness all their own. They have a soft side that is sweet… they are usually polite, and well mannered – kind, supportive, loyal, and helpful. But there’s more to them than just the sweet southern belle – They are also usually determined and will admit to a fair amount of stubbornness. They are also usually very passionate and have a good idea of what they want in life. When they face challenges that get in the way of what they want, that’s when the stubbornness and passion turn on in full force. In my book New Parish, Sarah and her sisters can be sweet southern belles but when things get challenging they show the other side of the southern girl. Their stubbornness and passion comes to the surface and others get a full on idea of what southern girls are.

When a southern girl meets a real west cowboy, who is everything she ever wanted and everything she can’t stand, things get very heated, sometimes loud, and usually in a very funny way.

I can’t wait to share their story with you!

New Parish Coming very soon!!!!!

Excerpt from New Parish:

“The next day after breakfast Sarah and Mary decided to get out and explore some of the community and enjoy the snow that had fallen. Several of Mary’s little brothers and sisters tagged along with them. They were all bundled up in coats, scarves, gloves, and boots. Sarah laughed at herself and the rest of the gang, they were definitely prepared. Sarah had already decided that the community was quite beautiful but now with a blanket of snow, it seemed like a picture postcard of a Christmas village from long ago. There was even a wooden wagon with red painted wheels going down the road, pulled by two large, chocolate brown horses – it was all very picturesque.

            They walked along the freshly shoveled sidewalks happily talking and planning on building a small snowman in the park. When from behind her Sarah heard the sound of a horse trotting, she turned to look and saw the man she never wanted to see again, on his horse. She quickly looked around to see if any cows were running around, then said to Mary, “Let’s walk faster, that cowboy is back, and you know what happened the last time he was near.”

            Mary laughed, “You know it wasn’t really his fault, right?”

            “It was his cows,” Sarah replied avoiding the fact that she just deep down seriously didn’t want to like him, or his smile, or his beautiful eyes, or his anything.

            “Yeah but they broke the fence and got out,” Mary tried to excuse the cowboy.

            “Wasn’t it his fence that wasn’t strong enough to hold his cows?” asked Sarah.

            “Yes, but, really that stuff happens,” Mary tried to soothe.

            Sarah looked at her firmly and said, “Red punch and hot chocolate all over my brand new outfit.”      

            “Sorry, that was really bad,” Mary agreed.

            The sounds from the horse got much closer as Max touched it’s sides to encourage it to speed up, he pulled the reins to stop where Sarah and Mary were on the sidewalk, “Howdy Mary, Ma’am,” he said in a very friendly cowboy drawl.

            Sarah looked away and didn’t speak, Mary smiled and said, “Hi Max, what are you up to today?”

            “Just rounding up a few strays,” he smiled back at her.

            That threw Sarah into an angry frenzy, “What sort of cowboy can’t keep his cows where they’re supposed to be?!?” She looked around frantically wondering from which direction she’d be attacked. “Maybe you should get a different job!”

            “Oh, no Ma’am,” Max tried to explain his previous comment, “I’m not rounding up cows. The cows are all safely in the pasture, don’t worry. I’m looking for some of my kids that are supposed to be home doing chores their mothers told them to do.”

            Sarah didn’t reply to his explanation, she wanted to put as much distance between him and her as possible, “Let’s go,” she said to Mary.

            Mary shrugged to Max and said, “Okay,” to Sarah.

            “Wait, Ma’am,” Max’s horse suddenly stepped in front of Sarah’s group. “I think we got off on the wrong foot, let me make it up to you.”

            Sarah with as much control as she could muster looked him in the eye and said, “Move your horse. Now!”

            “Look, Ma’am…” Max started.

            “Stop calling me ma’am!” Sarah shouted, “Move your horse and leave me alone! You paramecium brained, macho sh…”

            Sarah didn’t get to finish her verbal assault on Max because Mary put her hand over Sarah’s mouth and sweetly said, “Children are present.”

             “Ah!” shouted Sarah, “Okay, fine.”

            Max took this cue and tipping his hat to her, said, “Ma’am,” and rode away.

            Mary raised her eyebrows and asked, “Are you okay?”

            “I’m fine as long as he isn’t around, rounding up anything,” Sarah said with anger still in her voice.”