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Return to New Parish Book Cover!

Things are moving along, and progress is being made! Our graphic artist is awesome! Ana Grigoriu-Voicu has once again created a masterpiece!

Return to New Parish is definitely getting ready to tell a whole new story next month. Until then, here’s something to think about…



Return to New Parish book blurb:

Hannah has questions…

She knows her sister Sarah had many of the same questions. Hannah’s biggest questions are – Would the same answers Sarah found work for her? Is happily ever after really possible? And – Will the answers Sarah found also fix the bad thing that happened?

Hannah’s search for her best life leads her on a journey that includes real cowboys, horses, and digging deep for the courage to overcome the insecurities and paralyzing fear that has infused itself into her soul…

The fresh start Hannah’s seeking in New Parish is impeded when she arrives and finds that her fears have come along with her. She begins to wonder if, maybe, she’s permanently damaged…

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