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New Parish Going Places

Have you ever looked off into the distance and wondered what was out there? Or have you ever seen an airplane flying far up in the sky and wondered where it was going and what things would be like when it got there? I have… I look at the distant mountains, vast prairies, the infinite sky, and wonder… I think that’s how New Parish was born. The main character, (Sarah), in New Parish not only has this wonder, but is also driven by her desires for a life that fulfills her completely.

Sarah travels to the distant mountains, over the vast prairies, and into the infinite sky to discover what’s there. Along the way she finds lifelong friends, cowboys, and eventually a way for all her dreams to come true…

Excerpt from New Parish:

Chapter 2 Undecided

“The frustration of it all boiled over in Sarah’s mind so she decided to go for a walk to try and clear her head.

            The cool air and busy sidewalks were almost enough to distract her mind from the pervading thoughts of how much this plural marriage thing could go wrong. She wanted to believe that things could be as wonderful as Mary said they were, but she knew how people could be, especially men… Her thoughts went to, “Maybe I should just drop the whole thing.” Then the idea of dating again entered her thoughts, which almost made her nauseous. Then the thought of giving up on her dream of having kids and a family came to her mind. A tear rolled down her face, which she quickly brushed away, that thought was the saddest one she’d ever had…

            Sarah looked up at the sky and saw a plane flying west, she knew she would be on one soon… flying west. She breathed out a sigh and with a new resolve, walked back to her apartment.”

Chapter 7 The Flight

“The plane entered the air without a bump. Sarah was immediately in awe at the scene below her. The inner wows were boiling up for Sarah, the breathtaking vistas as the plane turned, almost made her lose her resolve to stay calm in the presence of the cowboy.       

Brother Michael played tour guide, telling them about the areas below, and what they were called by the locals, “Okay we’ll get a good look at New Parish, then go over the Ridge and the Gap so we can show our new friends the area.”




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