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New Parish!!!

Do you want to know what happens when a feisty southern girl meets a true west cowboy? I’ll give you a hint, there’s cows, hot chocolate, and red punch involved… along with anger, embarrassment, and –

Excerpt From New Parish:

            “Brother Michael smiled and said, “Max I’d like to introduce you to, Sarah, from Georgia.”

            Max pulled on the reins of his horse and stopped a few feet away, he smiled and drawled, “Howdy, ma’am.”

            Sarah was completely captivated by this cowboy, she thought his smile was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, his deep blue eyes sparkled – she felt like her head was filled with something sweet and gooey which was slowing her thought processes down. Her brain was stuck on, “Oh my gosh, he’s so gorgeous…”

            Before she could reply to the cowboy’s greeting she heard someone shout, “NO!” ”

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