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Long-distance Grandparenting Continued…

Yep, still doing the long-distance grandparenting thing. When one loves one’s grandchildren and they live far away, that’s what one does.

I send out a package usually each month. In the package, there are stories, games, and other activities. I call them Grandma Games. My grandchildren and I connect over video chat, we play, we spend time together, we laugh, and we have loads of fun.


Even though we visit over video chat I always make sure to write them letters or make them special cards for each Grandma Game package. They read or have the letter read to them, then answer any questions I asked over the video chat. The letters give us some special time to connect as I share stories from my childhood, from my interactions with my own grandparents, and things I’ve experienced throughout my life. This adds a get to know each other element to our visits.


Down below is my latest installment, ready to ship out to my Littles. Remember to check out the Long-distance Grandparenting portfolio for some free activities to share with your Littles, (grandchildren). Enjoy the journey…

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