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Last Page First…

There are several different types of readers. There are fast readers, slow readers, skimmers, deep readers, and those who read the last page first. I’m more of a deep reader who takes the whole journey with the characters. I look for the deeper meanings to what is being told, the symbolism, the metaphors, and the connections to real life, that’s what draws me through the story… No matter what type of reader you are I’m sure you’ll enjoy Sarah’s journey to New Parish. I believe there’s something for everyone in her story.

I do have friends who always read the last page of a book first… I don’t understand this, but I accept all people for who they are. So, for them and all of you who read the last page first here it is…

The last page of New Parish:

“Okay, what’s wrong,” Sarah asked noticing her sister’s lack of enthusiasm for finishing school.”

            “Nothing really,” Hannah replied. “School is fine. I’m done now with all my assignments. I don’t think I’m going to hang around here though. They can send my diplomas to me in the mail, I don’t want to walk at graduation.”

            “What?!?” Sarah asked in complete shock, “Why not?”

            “I’m just really done with being here,” Hannah stated flatly.

            “What’s happened?” Sarah demanded to know.

            “Well, you know that guy, the returned missionary with potential, I told you about?” Hannah started.

            “Yeah,” Sarah said, trying to encourage Hannah to continue.

            “He turned out to be just another self centered jerk who only wanted one thing,” Hannah explained.

            “Sorry,” Sarah sympathized.

            “I’m so disgusted with men!” Hannah growled.

            “I’ve been there,” Sarah sympathized again.

            “Yeah I know you have,” Hannah acknowledged, then continued, “I’ve had my last bad date! I’m not giving any more jerks the opportunity to make me feel this way.”

            “I’m sorry Hann,” Sarah tried to console her. “I wish I could help, is there anything I can do? You should come out here for Christmas, you’d love it. You could ride horses and stuff.”

            “I think I’m ready to give what you did a try,” Hannah said slowly. “I don’t want to date and I don’t want to wait for years like you had to until you can get married and have a family. What’s the process to get married down there?”

            Sarah sighed, “Well, like I told you before, it’s a return to the old ways, a return to the basics, a return…”

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