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Hannah’s Journey Continues…

As Hannah begins to settle into life in New Parish, she finds that she’s still running from the emotional pain that she tried so hard to leave behind… When she finally tells Sarah what happened she receives some wonderful advice and support. Will Hannah find a way to heal from this deep wound? Will she be able to find peace? Only in New Parish…

Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 2 – Cowboys and Horses

““No, you’re not damaged,” Sarah defended her little sister, “You’re hurt and shaken, but you’re not damaged. Just like any other wound this needs time to heal, take the time you need to heal and feel better. You’re strong and smart and you’re going to be okay!”

            Hannah heard the firmness in her sister’s voice, it gave her some strength and a little peace. Telling Sarah about what happened helped, but it also made the event very real in the now once more. A whirlwind of emotions tried to engulf her, anger, embarrassment, fear, and an overwhelming sadness that felt like it would never leave. She had kept it a secret, and tried desperately to bury it deep inside herself, but now it was on the surface and flooding her with pain.”      

Return to New Parish, coming soon!!!

Until then you can read Sarah’s story of finding her happily ever after in the first book in the series, New Parish. Brigham Tea Magazine also has a short story called, A Day in the Life of a Sister Wife, which catches the reader up on what’s going on in Sarah’s life…

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