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First Page…

I think the first page of a book tells a lot about what the reader is heading into. The first page can excite, entice, or make the reader wonder what’s going to happen in the story they’re thinking about reading… The first page can also introduce a character the reader might want to become friends with or give insights into the character’s motives. I look at the first page of a book and sometimes that’s the deciding factor if I read the book or not. So today I decided to share the first page of Return to New Parish with everyone. I think it gives some insights to the story and the main character, Hannah. I hope everyone will become friends with Hannah, she’s a young energetic, vibrant, feisty southern girl just leaving college to begin the rest of her life…

Remember to read New Parish! You’ll meet Hannah in there as well…

You can get a copy of New Parish here:

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Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park)

Changing Hands Bookstores in Phoenix and Tempe AZ

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Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 1 – The Drive

            “Hannah’s car was packed to the brim with her stuff, she sent some of it home to her parent’s house, the rest of her things filled every nook and cranny of her red Prius. She took a deep calming breath to relieve the stress of the morning rush. Then she checked her list of to do items once more before she started the car – cleaned and emptied her room at the Wymont Terrace, turn in her key, packed snacks for the drive down, and Christmas shopping done. She had checked off everything on her departure list so she pushed the power button to start her car and selected her play list. Bach’s sixth was one of her favorites, it was first, she loved the classics. She could usually find peace and solace in her music during times of needing peace and solace. She’d been having these times a lot lately.

            Hannah smiled at the light dusting of snow on the tops of surrounding mountains which had happened overnight. There were some things she would miss about Provo, but there were others she was going to be very glad to put behind her. Her mind went to when she first came to this place, she was excited at the prospects of learning, getting a degree, immersing herself in the lifestyle and culture, and, maybe, finding a great guy to spend the rest of her life with. She turned that thought into a checklist – she often did this. She had learned a lot, check, she had gotten two degrees, check and check, she had enjoyed the lifestyle and culture, check and check. Although there were many possibilities and opportunities for the great guy, she hadn’t found him, so a big red X was placed on her mental checklist for that item. She quickly swiped the checklist from her mind and thought, “This is a new beginning, I’m going to Sarah’s for Christmas and checking out what she did. She found a really great guy, so why not me?””