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Desires and Decisions

Desires often persuade us to take unusual journeys and convince us to make different decisions. Some desires are much stronger than others, and some decisions have longer lasting consequences than others – we inevitably follow our strongest desires and hope beyond hope that we make the right decisions to reach those desires. At least that’s what Sarah hopes for in my book New Parish…

Just like the Wright Brothers had a desire to fly, and Thomas Edison had a desire to see in the dark, Sarah had a desire to be a mother – the quintessential soccer mom who mostly lived for her family… the problem was she didn’t have a husband or children to fulfill that desire with… After many stumbles the Wright Brothers flew and Thomas Edison saw in the dark. Sarah has her own stumbles before finally finding the way to fulfill her desires…

Excerpt from New Parish:

Chapter 1 – Bad Date

            “Sarah slammed the door to her apartment as she entered, then slowly let out a growl, she’d held the anger, embarrassment, and hurt in until she got home. She took a deep breath to calm herself. “Men!” she whisper shouted so her neighbors wouldn’t hear her aggravation. 

            The evening had been another dating disaster. Sarah always thought, or hoped with each new guy that there might be potential for the future, but each time she’d been completely disappointed.”

Excerpt from A Day in the Life of a Sister Wife:

“Much later as she was sitting on the balcony star gazing, Max joined her, “Hi,” he

smiled warmly.

            “Hi,” she returned his greeting.

            “You had a rough day,” Max stated. “You okay?” he asked sitting down next to her, wrapping his arms around her.

            Sarah smiled, sinking into his arms, “Yeah, actually, I’m really good. A few years ago, I longed to be married and have kids – you know, a big family. I hadn’t thought about plural marriage of course, but, I longed to be where I am now. I’m living my dream,” she chuckled.”


New Parish available now:

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A Day in the Life of a Sister Wife coming soon in Brigham Tea Magazine