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Coming this week on my YouTube channel ~

This week’s schedule:

Monday – My Secret Garden Journal Kit ~ Super fun craft-along, making a pop-up center spread for a signature! Of course, there’s freebies!!!






Just FYI, I’ll be adding in the freebies on my website for this week ahead of the videos, so I don’t forget anything! Enjoy!

Wednesday –

This is part one of two and is so cute!!! I’m making a pocketbook for the baby journal I’m working on, with freebies galore!






Friday –

In this video I’m making fence pockets for the flip-out pockets in the folio signature for the My Secret Garden Journal. I’m mostly using the freebies I’ve been sharing over the past few weeks. So much fun to be had here for sure!!!






Saturday –

Each Saturday in June, I will be making videos for the Postcard Challenge in Tania’s Facebook group. This is Mandy Chilvers project –

In this video series I’m sharing my process for making a fun postcard with freebies that I’m providing! This week’s prompt is, Owls.

Hope you like it!!!






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