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Bunny Hop 1! Making fun Spring journal cards from library cards! Freebie set included!

Each Friday in March I’ll be sharing a Bunny Hop video. Each video shares a freebie set and encouragement to participate in the Bunny Hop. The Bunny Hop is a fun activity where you can share the journal card you make in the Facebook group. If you make a journal card from a library card each week and share it on the group page you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a happy mail from me!

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Instructions for accessing my freebies:

1 – go to

2 – click on the freebies tab at the top left of the page, if you are on your phone click on the menu (the 3 lines at the top) then click on the freebies option

3 – click on the image you want, this will enlarge the image, right click on the image and choose the option you want from the drop down menu, you can print or download whichever you choose.

4 – make something fun!