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A Box of Chocolates

Forest Gump made the old saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates,” famous. I agree that life is that way, but I also think people are like a box of chocolates too. I’ve long been a people watcher, maybe all writers are, anyways, I’ve discovered so many variations of chocolate that it’s blown my mind at times. When I’m working on developing a character for my books, New Parish, I often reflect on that wide variety of chocolate I’ve discovered over the years. In the first book, New Parish, the main character, Sarah, is a well educated, independent, young single woman who wants not be so single. Her character grows in depth as she discovers just how much she really wants to be a mother, and what she’s willing to explore to obtain her goal. Sarah of course is surrounded by many other characters who are also growing and discovering more about themselves as they journey to, and through New Parish. My characters are a box full of chocolates, each with many layers, just like us real people. I hope you enjoy getting to know each of them, as you journey to and through New Parish… Excerpt from New Parish: Chapter 1 – Bad Date “When the files had sent properly and she’d received confirmation from her supervisor, her mind went back to the conversation with Mary… “Why am I doing this?” she questioned herself. She could tell from Mary’s expressions, it had sounded out there. “But still, according to Mary, there were people living that way, and they were happy. Were they really happy or was it pretense? Could I be happy in that type of marriage? What if I couldn’t get along with the other wives? What if they wanted to boss me around? What if they were so jealous that they couldn’t do anything other than be mean?” The questions kept coming, and running over and over in her mind for the rest of the day. The fears, doubts, and worries from her research into this lifestyle were mounting to an incredible height. The distraction of the questions lasted all through her night of restless sleep, which caused really odd dreams where women were chasing her with broomsticks and iron skillets.” New Parish is out now! Return to New Parish will be out in a few months!!! You can get a copy of New Parish here: New Parish by Julie Worthington on Also available at: Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park) Changing Hands Bookstores in Phoenix and Tempe AZ Coming soon to many new bookstores!