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Last Page First…

There are several different types of readers. There are fast readers, slow readers, skimmers, deep readers, and those who read the last page first. I’m more of a deep reader who takes the whole journey with the characters. I look for the deeper meanings to what is being told, the symbolism, the metaphors, and the connections to real life, that’s what draws me through the story… No matter what type of reader you are I’m sure you’ll enjoy Sarah’s journey to New Parish. I believe there’s something for everyone in her story.

I do have friends who always read the last page of a book first… I don’t understand this, but I accept all people for who they are. So, for them and all of you who read the last page first here it is…

The last page of New Parish:

“Okay, what’s wrong,” Sarah asked noticing her sister’s lack of enthusiasm for finishing school.”

            “Nothing really,” Hannah replied. “School is fine. I’m done now with all my assignments. I don’t think I’m going to hang around here though. They can send my diplomas to me in the mail, I don’t want to walk at graduation.”

            “What?!?” Sarah asked in complete shock, “Why not?”

            “I’m just really done with being here,” Hannah stated flatly.

            “What’s happened?” Sarah demanded to know.

            “Well, you know that guy, the returned missionary with potential, I told you about?” Hannah started.

            “Yeah,” Sarah said, trying to encourage Hannah to continue.

            “He turned out to be just another self centered jerk who only wanted one thing,” Hannah explained.

            “Sorry,” Sarah sympathized.

            “I’m so disgusted with men!” Hannah growled.

            “I’ve been there,” Sarah sympathized again.

            “Yeah I know you have,” Hannah acknowledged, then continued, “I’ve had my last bad date! I’m not giving any more jerks the opportunity to make me feel this way.”

            “I’m sorry Hann,” Sarah tried to console her. “I wish I could help, is there anything I can do? You should come out here for Christmas, you’d love it. You could ride horses and stuff.”

            “I think I’m ready to give what you did a try,” Hannah said slowly. “I don’t want to date and I don’t want to wait for years like you had to until you can get married and have a family. What’s the process to get married down there?”

            Sarah sighed, “Well, like I told you before, it’s a return to the old ways, a return to the basics, a return…”

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Sisters, Friends, & Sister Wives

There have been many poems and lovely sentiments written about sisters and friends and I agree with most of them. I have a wonderful sister who I love dearly and have had some wonderful friends throughout my life that I’ve loved, and still love dearly. I can’t imagine my life without them… it would be a very lonely dreary place. I love hearing from my sister and my friends, each time I get an inner excitement and a smile always crosses my lips. That’s the way things are with Sarah and her friends and her sisters.

In my book New Parish Sarah finds help, support, and solace from her sisters, and from her friends, especially her new friend Mary, (who becomes her new BFF).

As you might have guessed by now, the story continues from New Parish, to Return to New Parish, then on to Home to New Parish, and then to Passion in New Parish… these are stories about sisters, sisters who are very different in who they are and what they’ve chosen for their lives. In turn each sister finds her way to New Parish, wondering if this is the place she can find her happily ever after… In New Parish, they make new friends and eventually consider, maybe, having sister wives… Sarah, the first sister to find her home in New Parish investigates how things work in this very different lifestyle. She hears stories about the good and the bad that can happen and wonders if the very different relationship of sister wife could be something like a combination of sister and friend… sort of. She for sure finds that these people are a bit different… She eventually shares what she learns with her sisters, some of them are supportive from the beginning some are not… but that’s how sisters are – protective, nurturing, supportive, and sometimes straight talking, opinionated, and suspicious of things that might be potentially difficult… or different.  

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Excerpt from New Parish:

This is an email from Sarah to her sister Hannah… Hannah makes her own journey to New Parish in book 2 – Return to New Parish.

“Hi Hann

So this last week was full of things going on, the community had a social which you would have loved! It was on a real cowboy ranch with some beautiful horses, (picture attached), with a live cowboy band, a hayride, and a bon fire for me to burn marshmallows in. Which of course I did…

Brother Michael said he and the other church leaders think I should marry that cowboy that I detest… I threw a real fit and said there was no way I was marrying him, then I calmed down and promised Brother Michael that I would try to give him (the cowboy) a small second chance. I really can’t stand him, the cowboy I mean not Brother Michael, he’s everything I decided long ago I would never get involved with ever again. He’s a macho, self centered, nethanderthal man who thinks that the world revolves around him and what he wants, you know the type the ones with no real higher level thinking just testosterone and me Tarzan you Jane. Oh well I’m sure Brother Michael will see soon that this just won’t work.

Anyways back to the party, Mary insisted I try to square dance with her, you would have laughed at me so much, there would have been tears… it was going okay until I saw that cowboy in the band, he plays the guitar, I tripped over my own feet and fell on my bum… I can’t seem to keep my balance around that guy… Yeah I know you would have fell over laughing at me then too.

Okay, so work is going pretty good, I have a couple of picture books I’m working on now, they are both from a series that I’ve worked on before. Living with this really big family has been amazing and fun. You wouldn’t believe how much fun!

How’s school going? Are you dating anyone yet? I know you’re really busy with all the extra classes you’re taking but you should find some time for fun… Any returned missionary prospects? 

Love ya


Can’t wait to share this incredible journey with everyone!

Freedom of Choice For All


Did you ever wonder what it’s like? Without the villains or the media hype? Polygamy? Just regular everyday people, living their normal everyday lives in a plural way? You’ve all heard about the bad that can happen. Just like the spousal and child abuse that happens in regular monogamous societies that can happen in polygamous societies as well.

But… in a community or family that is trying their best to be their best selves, it’s very rare.

It’s wonderful that the Brown’s (Sister Wives), Darger’s (Love Times Three), and the Centennial Park Group (Polygamy USA) have stepped out of the shadows to show how happiness can be had living a polygamous lifestyle.

In my book New Parish, the reader will get to follow 27 year old Sarah, as she investigates living plural marriage and finds her own happiness living her normal life, a bit differently. The story is filled with so many realisms that you just might forget it’s fiction.