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Hannah’s journey has begun! Join her in her quest to overcome her fear, pain, and the terrible haunting of…

She finds many things in New Parish, the comfort of her sister, an annoying cowboy, horses, and finally her very own happily ever after… and peace.

Excerpt from Return to New Parish: The rest of Hannah’s ride…

Chapter 3 – Palominos

“A tapping sound in the distance brought her attention to the fence line on the other side of the stream. She saw a palomino horse that made her think of the one she’d seen when she was entering New Parish. The one the old cowboy rode to rescue the boy… the tapping sound continued as she tried to get a glimpse of the old cowboy. She half hoped to get to meet him, she had sort of envisioned him as a real life hero when she saw him that first day.

            Watching the horse stand there like a statue she almost wondered if it was real then she saw an old cowboy come around from behind it and put something into the saddle bags.

            “No flipping way!” she thought. “It can’t be him…,” but it was… Her heart sank as she realized it was, “It’s Alex James. That grungy, arrogant, old cowboy, that called me a red headed horse!” Her anger was on the rise once more.

            Hannah saw him push his hat back and wipe his forehead, then he stopped and stood motionless for a moment. He was looking straight at her, Hannah felt a flush of embarrassment flood through her. The instant thought, “Why didn’t I just ride on? Why did I stay here and watch him?” Hannah saw him hold his hand up high and wave.

            “Oh, grrrr!” she growled to herself, and pulling the reins, she turned the horse in the opposite direction, touched her heels lightly on Smarty’s sides. The horse instantly responded and the freedom of the ride was returning to Hannah’s heart.

            She could hear Alex James shouting something, but she was determined to leave him behind as quickly as possible. She glanced back over her shoulder in time to see him jump on that huge palomino and quickly ride back the other way, then run his horse straight at the fence he’d been repairing. The horse jumped it with ease and was barreling after her with incredible speed – to her shock and horror.

            “What the heck?” she thought, as she urged Smarty to go faster. “He must have some ego!” Hannah tried to suppress the fears and panic that were building inside her. Thoughts of, “What’s he going to do?” and knowing that she was on her own to defend herself out here in the middle of nowhere raced through her mind.

            She encouraged Smarty to run faster, but in less than a minute he was grabbing her reins and pulling the horse to a stop.

            “Whoa, there!” he shouted.

            “Leave me alone!” Hannah shouted back at him. “Let go! What’s your damage?!” She threw a wild punch at him, but missed, as he leaned back in his saddle and pulled her horse around.

            Hannah was desperately pulling her reins, trying to get away from him. Alex held onto her reins with a vice like grip.

             “Hold on there Lady,” he tried to calm her.

            “Let go!” Hannah shouted at him again, tugging hard on her reins.

            “No, ma’am!” he returned firmly. Alex pulled the reins and led her just a few feet away in the direction she’d been going, then he pulled the reins to stop the horse, “Look,” he said through clenched teeth.

            Hannah angrily looked at what he was pointing at, and almost fell off her horse. It was a deep sinkhole or gully that had obviously been washed out recently, but what made her a bit nauseous was that it was full of debris and jagged limbs.

            “We had a flash flood a couple of months ago,” the cowboy explained, still holding her reins. “It washed all this mess in here.”

            Hannah sat there on Smarty in shock, she knew that they would have been hurt very badly or worse if the cowboy hadn’t stopped her. She knew she wouldn’t have been able to see it in time to stop. The horror of what might have happened flashed through her mind then a wave of embarrassment washed over her. That embarrassment fueled her anger, completely overriding the fear that had been there previously.

            Hannah closed her eyes to block out the image of what could have been, took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. She turned to the old cowboy who was still holding her reins and looking at her with concern in his eyes, “Okay, thanks. Now will you let go of my reins please?” she said with as much calm as she could gather.

            Alex James returned her reins to her with an odd quizzical look on his ruggedly handsome face, as though he didn’t know quite what to make of her. Hannah took the reins and guided Smarty away from the deep hole full of jagged ominous looking branches and roots. She could see Sarah’s home in the distance, she touched Smarty’s sides with her heels and took off in that direction, this time she didn’t look back, she was very determined to put that incident behind her and leave it there.

            When she reached the barn Alex, Max’s son was holding a shovel and on his way in. He smiled at Hannah and said, “I’ll take her in for ya, Aunt Hannah, if you’d like?”

            “Thanks kiddo,” she said as she dismounted and handed him the reins.

            Once inside the house Hannah felt the need to talk to Sarah, so she headed up to her room – she knocked and waited. She didn’t want to walk in on something, so the old tap and enter from when they were kids was not an option.

            She heard Sarah say, “Come in.” So she opened the door and seeing the mess and disorder shook her head and laughed.

            “Hey,” she said, looking around the room. “Did you get more stuff or is this just the other stuff shifted around again?” she teased her sister.

            “I got more stuff,” Sarah said defensively. Then she chuckled as she looked over the mess of her sitting room that was going to be her nursery.

            “So, there was a thing while I was out riding,” Hannah tentatively began her exposition.

            “What thing?” Sarah asked with eyebrows raised as she reached for her chiming cell phone. After quickly reading the text she looked at Hannah with worry in her expression, “Okay, what happened? Max just text me wanting to know if you’re okay and if you got home okay.”

            Hannah could see Sarah replying to Max’s text and insisted, “I’m fine, I’m fine,” it was her turn to be defensive.

            “He’s saying that you almost rode into the sinkhole! And that Uncle Alex caught you just in time to stop you,” Sarah looked at Hannah accusingly.

            “Okay,” Hannah said, trying to play the events of her ride down, “So, this is what happened.” She plopped down on part of a sofa that wasn’t full of baby stuff, sighed, and continued. “I was riding near the stream and heard a tapping sound coming from the fence line that was just beyond the creek.” She waved her hands to show the direction of the fence, “I looked to see what it was and saw a big beautiful palomino standing on the other side of the fence, like a statue, then that guy came around the horse to put stuff in his saddle bags,” Hannah paused to make a face of disapproval and blow out a big sigh then continued. “I didn’t want to talk to him so I took off in the opposite direction and before I knew what was happening, he was jumping on his horse, jumping the fence, and chasing after me!” Hannah threw her hands in the air for effect and gave Sarah a “what the heck” look. “So I go faster not knowing what he was up to, he catches me and grabs my reins!”

            Sarah interrupted her with, “You didn’t punch him did you?” there was a pleading sort of begging tone to Sarah’s voice.

            “I tried!” Hannah defended her actions. “But he’s pretty quick for an old guy. Sheesh!”

            “Hannah!” Sarah shouted at her in exasperation.

            “I missed!” Hannah shouted back still trying to defend herself.

            “Hannah! He was saving your life!” Sarah shouted back.

            “I didn’t know that’s what he wanted to do!” Hannah shouted, “For all I knew he was going to do something else out there, with no one else around,” her voice trailed off. Quickly thinking of a way to refocus the conversation she asked, “Besides, if he’s so rich why is he out mending fences anyways? Can’t he afford to hire people for that?”

            “He’s a cowboy,” Sarah answered, with exasperation in her voice. “He’s always doing cowboy things. Yeah, he’s rich, but he’s very hands on.”

            “He’s very annoying,” Hannah shared her opinion of the old cowboy.”

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Return to New Parish Available Now!!!!

I just received word, that Return to New Parish is now live on Amazon.com!!!! 

I hope everyone enjoys Hannah’s journey to finding her happily ever after… 

Find Return to New Parish, New Parish, and Brigham Tea Magazine at the link below:




Hannah’s Ride…

Return to New Parish is still on the way! Even though there’s been a slight delay, it’s still coming soon!

So, here’s some more info on Hannah… One thing everyone should know for sure about Hannah is that she loves horses. Below is part of a scene where you can get to know Hannah a bit more and begin to feel her love for horses… hope you enjoy.

Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 3 – Palominos

“After things settled down with Sarah’s digestive system she suggested to Hannah, “Hey, why don’t you go for a short ride? You can ride my horse, she’s very nice and easy to ride, and really she needs some exercise, I haven’t been able to ride her in a while,” she encouraged.

            “Really? Sure! I’d love to!” Hannah replied eagerly.

            With help from Del, Hannah saddled Sarah’s horse, Smarty. Sarah stood in front of her and gently rubbed her nose while they were synching things up.

            “Why is she named Smarty?” Hannah asked, curious about the different name.

            Del laughed, “When she was born, she was so blonde you could see through her hair and her skin was sort of pink with light shades of blue. The kids were eating that Smarties candy with those colors in it, so Max named her Smarty.”

            Hannah laughed, “Wow, so are all the horses you have here, born here?”

            Del looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, “I don’t think we have any now that weren’t born here, but really, you’d have to ask Max. I’m pretty sure if they weren’t born here they were born over to Uncle Alex’s… Oh yeah, Princess was born over at Uncle Alex’s. Her mother died giving birth, so Uncle Alex gave Max the foal for the kids to raise.”

            “Oh, wow that must’ve been fun for them,” Hannah replied, not wanting to say that was nice of the old cowboy.

             “It was, we all love that little horse,” Del smiled at her then said, “Okay, so you’ll be safe and not get lost if you don’t go past that rise.”

            Sarah continued with more parameters, “And there’s a creek over that way, don’t go past it, there’s a big sinkhole. That’ll be a good ride if you actually go to the creek,” she smiled at Hannah.

            “Okay, gottcha,” Hannah nodded, took the reins, and stealthily mounted Smarty, who instinctively started walking toward the open door of the barn.

            “Call if you have any trouble,” Sarah called after her, “I’ll keep my cell phone with me.”

            “Yes, Mom,” Hannah returned sarcastically and nudged Smarty into action.

Hannah directed the horse to the area where Sarah had said the creek was. She found an immediate harmony with the horse. At first, the nice gallop Smarty was putting forth was sufficient, but soon Hannah felt the need for speed. She gently touched her heels to the horse’s sides to see what effect that would have – it had the desired effect instantly. 

            Hannah had always felt like she was flying when she was on the back of a fast horse. It gave her a sense of power and freedom – this time was no different. She left all the pain and anger behind her and flew along the desert landscape beyond the grassy pastures where the lazy cows seemed indifferent to anything going on around them. On and on she flew, feeling so free she never wanted it to end, but alas, no horse can run forever, so seeing the creek in the distance she slowed the run to a gallop and surveyed the area. The creek wasn’t much more than a stream, trickling through a worn wash of land. There were some fences not too far from there, and prairie as far as she could see.

            She slowed the gallop to a slow paced lope and took a deep breath, she could feel her past trying to invade her mind again, as the escape she’d been enjoying started to wane. She was still on a high from her ride so the invasion didn’t have any serious impact.

            She followed the stream for a while, slowly taking in the beauty of the environment. The prairie was new to her and had many mysteries for her to discover. “Living in Utah for a few years isn’t the same as this place, neither was Savannah,” she thought. She sighed, taking everything in – this place not only looked different it had a different feel to it. The prairies surrounded by the varying shades of choral mountains gave Hannah a sense of shelter and peace, along with a rugged untamed freedom that was here. She felt unconstrained, liberated, no longer hemmed in to the pain and frustrations of her past. “This is good,” she thought to herself. “I really do like it here.”

While you’re waiting for Return to New Parish to launch you can check out New Parish, or Brigham Tea Magazine on Amazon.com. Links below.

New Parish and Brigham Tea Magazine available on Amazon.com

New Parish on Amazon.com

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Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park)

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Brigham Tea Magazine:



Hannah’s Journey Begins…

In Return to New Parish, Hannah leaves her college days behind her and goes to visit her sister Sarah, in New Parish. She’s trying hard to escape a traumatic event and focus on what to do with the rest of her life. She has never imagined the incredible adventure that lies just ahead for her…

Return to New Parish launch date is September 15th! I can’t wait for everyone to share in this wonderful story of triumph, courage, and love… Here’s a short snippet of the journey.

Excerpt from Return to New Parish:

Chapter 2 – Cowboys and Horses

            “The rest of her road trip was peaceful and full of anticipation to see Sarah and her family. She was no longer plagued by the pain of her past. She felt at peace, although she knew the Nathaniel thing was simmering just under the surface, she was determined to cling onto the peace, even if it was temporary.

            As she neared the small community Hannah saw some men and a small boy riding horses across the prairie next to the main road. She also saw that they had a purpose, they were moving a herd of about thirty cows away from the road. One man, an older cowboy, who seemed to be in charge was sitting on his horse, a large impressive palomino, and pointing while the other men were gathering the cows in the direction he wanted them to go in. The sage cowboy made Hannah think of Sam Elliot, whom she had loved in several westerns.

            The boy stayed near the cowboy in charge until the old truck in front of Hannah made a huge bang! It was a very loud backfire, Hannah jumped and shouted, “Dang!” She looked back to the scene she’d been watching to see the boy’s beautiful blond palomino suddenly dart toward the fence opposite the road she was traveling on. The old cowboy was suddenly on the move, his horse quickly caught up with the one the boy was on. He grabbed the reins of the other horse slowing, then stopping the horse. After steadying the boy on his saddle, he patted him on the back reassuringly.

            Hannah smiled, “I’m gonna like it here.””


New Parish and Brigham Tea Magazine available on Amazon.com

New Parish on Amazon.com

Also available at:


Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park)

Coming soon to many new bookstores!

Brigham Tea Magazine:



New Parish

I’ve finished my newest book! The name of my latest adventure is “New Parish”!

Now I’mCanyon 2 waiting on a smart, energetic, and resourceful agent to take on the challenge and walk through the rest of this adventure with me. So while I’m waiting, I’m of course, writing…

The “New Parish” story goes like this: Sarah, (main character) has had one too many bad dates, she has dreams of being a mom but she’s had all she can take with dating losers and jerks.

Sarah meets a new friend, Mary, at a children’s center where she volunteers, this new friend comes from a community where they use a very unique dating and marriage system. Sarah’s intrigued with Mary’s lifestyle and begins an extensive investigation trying to decide if this is a viable option for her.

Sarah gets the low down on how they live when she visits New Parish and asks some of the women there to tell her about the process “warts and all”.

Sarah meets two men in New Parish, one is very handsome, well mannered, well dressed and almost perfect. The other is a rough edged cowboy who completely blows her away at first sight, she never seems to be able to stay up right when he’s around. Sarah had never been a clumsy person until she met him, this annoys her to the enth degree!

This is not a mushy romance… it’s a romantic comedy adventure and I can’t wait till everyone gets to read it!