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Even though Facebook feels the need to censor me, and not allow me to boost my posts so I can let people know about my book, New Parish, it’s getting great reviews on Amazon.com. New Parish is wholesome, clean, and a fun read – Facebook will promote many things that are not wholesome or clean daily. I get things on my Facebook page that sometimes, at least, makes me blush, shake my head, and wonder why… but I suppose if Facebook thinks that’s something good to promote they have that right. I don’t know why Facebook doesn’t want to promote my book, but people who’ve actually read it, have given the reviews below:



Socrates Essze

5.0 out of 5 stars Genuine Heart

June 25, 2018

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

…old fashioned goodness with genuine heart, what a concept in today’s climate of polarized bickering…Julie’s writing returns us to the heartland of America where the “Golden Rule” once lived…


Missie Moore

5.0 out of 5 stars Must read!

July 1, 2018

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Such a great story by a great story teller!! Can’t wait for more!!



5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating read

October 20, 2018

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Appreciate the point of view of someone who intentionally converted to the polygamist lifestyle. A lot of misconceptions corrected. Thank you.


“Julie is a captivating author. After the first six chapters I spent more late nights reading than I should have. This story captured the magic of your community, it’s the kind of hometown we wish we all had, and the kind of community where we wish all of our children could be raised.

 I’ll be first in line to buy anything she publishes.”

Jaclyn Knapp, M.S., ED.S


Find out what Facebook doesn’t want you to know…

New Parish by Julie Worthington on Amazon.com


Also available at:


Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park)

Changing Hands Bookstores in Phoenix and Tempe AZ

Coming soon to many new bookstores!

Things Change…

I know I’ve written about things changing before, but, well, things are always changing. So, things have changed again.

This is my most recent email exchange with Facebook. They had previously stated that my urls didn’t work properly or that there was insufficient ad content:

Please provide information that will help us investigate

The links that are included in my posts are all in working order. They go to my website – www.julieworthington.com or to amazon.com. There’s plenty of content provided for each post, I’ve boosted many posts that are the same as the ones you’ve not allowed to be boosted. I don’t understand why all of a sudden my posts are not allowed to be used as ads. Nothing has changed from what I have done in the past. I’m an author that promotes her book and writing that’s all. There’s nothing political about what I write.


Hi Julie,

I had another look at your ad account and unfortunately we won’t be able to re-enable it.

All ad accounts are evaluated for policy compliance and quality of ad content. When accounts run ads that don’t follow our Advertising Policies, they’re disabled.

There’s no further action that you may take here. We don’t support ads for your business model.

Please consider this decision final.



So, from here on out I won’t be able to advertise my book on Facebook. I can still post to my book page, but what I say goes no further… unless others are willing to share what I write with those they know.

New Parish is a sweet old-fashioned romance. It’s clean, refreshing, and fun. Why Facebook is trying to stifle it, I don’t know… But, if you want to find out what’s so terrible that they want to squash it you can find New Parish here:

New Parish by Julie Worthington on Amazon.com –


Also available at:



Bee’s Grocery (in Centennial Park)

Changing Hands Bookstores in Phoenix and Tempe AZ

Coming soon to many new bookstores!


I’m still hosting a book club Q&A on my Books by Julie Worthington page today at 1pm MST. I’ll be answering your questions and replying to your comments for an hour. I’m very excited to chat with you all, even if we have to whisper message each other so Facebook doesn’t catch us…