BabyI just finished Chapter 3 in my next book, although it’s a sequel it has a completely different feel than New Parish. Maybe it’s because of the new main character and her history… she is Sarah’s (main character from New Parish) little sister, she has a fiery temper, long curly auburn hair…. wait, I can’t tell you too much yet but her story is much different than her sister’s….



I love being Julie august 22 (2)excited! I heard yesterday that publishers are looking at my manuscript! That’s very exciting! One of my favorite artists Norman Rockwell once said, “The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they’re always looking ahead to something new and exciting.” I agree!

Can’t wait to share “New Parish” with the world!


New Parish

I’ve finished my newest book! The name of my latest adventure is “New Parish”!

Now I’mCanyon 2 waiting on a smart, energetic, and resourceful agent to take on the challenge and walk through the rest of this adventure with me. So while I’m waiting, I’m of course, writing…

The “New Parish” story goes like this: Sarah, (main character) has had one too many bad dates, she has dreams of being a mom but she’s had all she can take with dating losers and jerks.

Sarah meets a new friend, Mary, at a children’s center where she volunteers, this new friend comes from a community where they use a very unique dating and marriage system. Sarah’s intrigued with Mary’s lifestyle and begins an extensive investigation trying to decide if this is a viable option for her.

Sarah gets the low down on how they live when she visits New Parish and asks some of the women there to tell her about the process “warts and all”.

Sarah meets two men in New Parish, one is very handsome, well mannered, well dressed and almost perfect. The other is a rough edged cowboy who completely blows her away at first sight, she never seems to be able to stay up right when he’s around. Sarah had never been a clumsy person until she met him, this annoys her to the enth degree!

This is not a mushy romance… it’s a romantic comedy adventure and I can’t wait till everyone gets to read it!

New Book

Canyon 4

I love writing!  I’ve been writing a new book that is more of a “grown up” book with some mushy stuff in it. I don’t usually write mushy stuff but I’m enjoying this one, okay when there is mushy stuff I usually put loads of humor in it to defuse the mushy… It’s the way I roll. So if there’s a romantic moment happening in a secluded cabin in the woods with candle light and a roaring fire in the fireplace and a wondering skunk comes strolling by and sprays the side of the house, do you think that would defuse the mushy? What about a young woman who meets the most beautiful man she’s ever seen and a cow knocks her over causing a chain of events that end up with her having a deluge of hot chocolate and red punch drench her completely? Yeah, I’m having a super fun time writing this book! More later!

Merry Christmas!!!

Farquhar’s Family Secret – Fairy Notes Book 1 Part 1 e-book is free all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

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Thanksgiving – Farquhar’s Family Secret – Fairy Notes Part 2

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I have so much to be thankful for this year… I am by natChanging Leavesure a very grateful person so counting my blessings has been on my mind as I have been contemplating the Thanksgiving Holiday that will happen soon.

There have been a whole world of changes in my life since last Thanksgiving, I don’t usually share any personal stuff on here but this year I feel like my whole world has changed and will never be quite the same again. There are both positives and negatives in this new scenario but life is what it is and I will be grateful for all the changes and blessings I have in my life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has many blessings to be grateful for…

As a holiday gift to all my friends I’m including a few pages from Farquhar’s Family Secret – Fairy Notes Book 1 Part 2

Hope you enjoy!

After a restless night of being attacked by many different and vicious creatures in his dreams Farquhar was relieved to wake to the buzzing of his alarm clock. His room was quiet and still – he threw back his blanket and sat on the side of his bed. The sun was just peeking over the meadow, “It’s the same,” he yawned aloud.


Chapter 16

The Edge

Farquhar followed his new morning routine – it got him to the bus stop without having to run for it, so he was good with that. Gran had his breakfast waiting, he said, “Good morning,” and began to shovel food into his mouth as quickly as possible. Gran left him alone to shovel, she had a concerned look on her face as she went into the kitchen. Farquhar shouted, “Bye!” as he ran out of the house feeling a bit nauseous from too much food too fast.

Standing at the bus stop he suddenly felt uneasy, the kind of uneasy that scares the crap out of you, he looked around but didn’t see anything, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly trying to calm down. His usual feelings of fear and panic were happening, followed by the same old routine of hot rock in the stomach, nausea, and trouble breathing, he was really regretting that breakfast now. He looked at the meadow but it hadn’t changed, it was the same golden color with the sprinkling of red.

The uneasy feeling intensified! Farquhar couldn’t control his breathing which was happening with rapid succession. He quickly looked back toward the house then down the road then back to the meadow, something bad was near, “why can’t I see it!” he thought. He could hear sounds like the wind was blowing but nothing was moving, it was getting dark but the sun was shining, Farquhar reached inside his pocket and pressed the coin in his hand, “Mickal!” he shouted.

Mickal appeared and instantly started looking around in every direction, “How long has this magic been here?”

“Not long, it came after I got here to the bus stop,” Farquhar’s voice trembled with fear as he spoke, “What is it?”

“Get on the bus and go,” ordered Mickal.

Farquhar hadn’t noticed the bus coming up the road, it was nearly there, “What about Grandfather and Gran?”

“We’ll keep them as safe as possible. Now go!” shouted Mickal.

The bus stopped a few feet in front of Farquhar and he quickly climbed the steps and sat down beside Sebastian.

“Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost or something,” said Sebastian.

“Yeah,” said Farquhar, “I’m good.” He could feel himself starting to relax a bit and his breathing was returning to normal, his stomach was another matter.

“Okay if you’re sure,” said Sebastian looking at him with concerned confusion.

Sebastian turned back to talk to Joseph, Farquhar tried to listen to the conversation he had really begun to enjoy spending time with them but he couldn’t focus, the eerie feeling from the bus stop was still lingering somewhere deep inside him. So he spent the bus ride to school worrying about his grandparents – and he was even a little worried about Mickal.

When he got off the bus Sebastian walked with him to the door of his building, “Are you sure you’re alright Farquhar?”

“I just got a little spooked,” admitted Farquhar, “I’m okay now. Thanks.”

“Not a prob,” smiled Sebastian, “see you after school.”

“Okay,” said Farquhar.

As Farquhar entered his classroom he noticed that his spelling words were still on the board so he quickly wrote them down and was hard at work making sentences with them when Ms. Albright called for homework. He didn’t raise his hand and tell her he didn’t have his homework he just kept working on it – he didn’t want to draw attention to himself.

“Take one and pass it back,” said Ms. Albright, as she handed worksheets to the student at the front of each row.

“This chart is to be filled out with your family tree. You will fill out as much information as you can remember and the extra chart is to be taken home and completed with help from your family,” she explained. “Start with yourself at the bottom of the tree and work your way up with your parents. Remember your mothers and grandmothers will have a different name on this, it’s called a maiden name or the name she had before she was married.”

This last statement made Farquhar and several other students start erasing, he had to think for a few minutes to remember what his Mom’s maiden name was.

“When you’re finished with all the information you can remember pass your paper up front,” smiled Ms. Albright.

Farquhar passed his paper up to the girl in front of him and glanced out the window, nothing was happening out there, but he felt like he was sitting on the edge of his seat waiting for something to happen…

“Farquhar,” said Ms. Albright.

Farquhar jumped, “Yes ma’am.”

“I don’t have your homework,” she stated.

“I lost my backpack – I’ve been working on my spelling words this morning. Can I get another math worksheet please?” he hoped she wouldn’t ask how he had lost his backpack and was really glad when she just gave him a replacement math worksheet and didn’t ask any more questions.

“Scripts everyone,” said Ms. Albright in her most cheery voice.

Farquhar worked on his homework in between the other lessons and kept a close check on the window throughout the day. He noticed Justin watching him several times and was getting annoyed at that but tried not to show it.

When Farquhar was packing up his homework in his backpack Justin asked, “Why do you still have your script if you lost your backpack?”

Farquhar shrugged his shoulders, “Why do you ask?”

“Well it’s a weird that you lost everything but your script, that’s all,” said Justin.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Farquhar. He didn’t know why but Justin was really beginning to bother him. He shoved the rest of his supplies into his backpack and quickly walked to the doors of the school. He stopped there and looked out the window in the door to see if Sebastian was out there, breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing him he walked out to where he was.

“Did you have a good day?” asked Sebastian.

“Not bad,” said Farquhar, “You?”

Sebastian smiled, “Yes it was pretty good. Thanks for asking.”

Farquhar smiled as they boarded the bus, he was glad Sebastian was his friend.

Anxiety began to build within Farquhar as he neared home – he was watching earnestly to get the first glimpse of the meadow. When he saw it he had to look then look again, the red flecks were now large spots, “that’s too weird,” he thought.

The bus stopped, “See you tomorrow,” said Sebastian.

“See ya,” said Farquhar.

“Hey,” said Sebastian catching him by the arm, “if you ever need help or anything, here just call me. Okay?” He gave Farquhar a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it.

“Okay,” said Farquhar, “thanks.”

“Not a prob,” smiled Sebastian.

Farquhar stuffed the paper in his pocket as he stepped off the bus. He went quickly to the house, “Grandfather?” his voice squeaked a little as he called out.

“Nope,” said a voice he didn’t recognize, “he’s not here.”

It was a fairy, but Farquhar didn’t recognize him from the village, “Who are you?”

“My name is Thane,” said the strange fairy with an odd almost melodious tone in his voice. He was about the same size as Mickal but he had very pale blonde hair, bright green eyes and thin lips that curled up in an evil looking grin as he stood there looking at Farquhar. He wore white clothes with gold braid accents that looked like something a fairytale prince would wear.

“What are you doing here?” asked Farquhar.

“I’m here to see you,” he said still smiling.

“What do you want?” asked Farquhar. He was trying to figure out how to call Mickal without letting Thane know.

“Many things,” said Thane, “but the first thing I want is for you to call your tutor, now go on call Mickal,” he encouraged.

“Why should I?” asked Farquhar.

“Because he has been a thorn in my side for a long time and I wish to extract him. Now call him,” Thane demanded, he wasn’t smiling any more.

“No!” said Farquhar, “I won’t.”

Thane frowned he obviously hadn’t expected this, “If you don’t I will hurt you very badly, I promise,” he was smiling again.

Farquhar was used to these sorts of threats, older brothers and many bullies had prepared him for this situation. He remembered that Mickal had said someone would be watching over him at all times so he was wondering why they hadn’t arrived to help yet.

“I don’t care go ahead,” said Farquhar with as much confidence as he could produce.

Thane raised his hand and fire shot from it, Farquhar ducked and ran out of the house hitting the screen door hard on his way. Thane appeared in front of him as he jumped down off the front porch. He had his net out now and threw it over Thane willing it, with all his might, to land on Thane’s head before he could shoot any more fire at him – then he ran!

He could feel the flames coming for him again and screamed, “Finlay!”

Farquhar jumped as high as he could to avoid the fire, which was very high since he had learned he could fly but being up in the air was too slow. He knew Thane would singe him soon so he quickly hit the ground running and headed straight for the meadow. As he reached the meadow Finlay burst through the door, Farquhar jumped again and landed on Finlay’s back and said, “To the village! Hurry!”

Finlay spun around and in less than a second he was back through the door, racing above the trees to the village. Finlay landed in the village center and kneeled down so Farquhar could get off. Finlay walked to the edge of the village and stood there waiting and watching…

Mickal appeared, “What’s happened?” he demanded.

“Grandfather and Gran are…” started Farquhar.

“Here,” interrupted Mickal, “Now tell me why you flew here.”

“A fairy named Thane was at the house and he tried to make me call you so he could extract you or something… anyways he was shooting fire at me. I thought someone was watching?” said Farquhar breathlessly.

“Someone was,” said Mickal, turning to look at Barnaby, “You’d better have someone check on Portor.”

“Who is Thane?” asked Farquhar.

“He’s a very evil person who is after every bit of power he can get, no matter what the cost. Well, now we know who made the connection from the realm,” said Mickal then he disappeared.

“You okay,” asked Conrad.

“Yeah,” said Farquhar, “I’m okay.”

“Martha almost passed out when you flew in on Finlay,” Conrad smiled.

“They’re here…” it was dawning on Farquhar his grandparents were here in the realm, he smiled.

Alistair came running over, “Are you alright? I just heard what happened.”

“Yeah,” said Farquhar.

“Thane, wow he’s really bad. They have been trying to find him for years,” informed Alistair.

“What do they do with bad fairies?” asked Farquhar.

“They drain them of their magic and put them away somewhere. I don’t know where,” said Alistair.

“Farquhar,” Grandfather and Gran joined the boys, “what was that creature you were riding on?” asked Grandfather.

“Finlay is a Pegasus,” said Farquhar, “are you guys okay?”

“Yes we’re fine,” said Grandfather, “your Gran is still a little shaken with everything that has happened but we’re fine.”

“It’s just all so wondrous,” said Gran.

“Yeah and cool,” said Farquhar smiling.

“How was school?” asked Conrad.

“It was okay, I didn’t get into trouble for not getting my homework done. My teacher is really nice,” said Farquhar, “So catch me up, what was that this morning?”

Conrad shrugged his shoulders.

“They still don’t know really, they just know it was really powerful and very evil,” said Alistair.

“Is that why they came this morning and told us to pack up our things we were coming over here to stay a while?” asked Grandfather.

“Yes,” answered Conrad, “you see it is very important that there are always Sheltons on the farm, without that the realm could become unbalanced. If that were to happen… well portals could open anywhere and who knows what would get out into the outside world. So you have to be safe Robert, besides I’m sure no one wants your son to come back here, he was such a pain. Sorry Farquhar.”

“It’s okay. I understand,” shrugged Farquhar.

Mickal reappeared, “Is this yours?” he asked Farquhar holding out what was left of the net he had thrown at Thane.

“Yes,” said Farquhar a bit timidly.

“I’ll get you another one,” said Mickal, “Next time someone asks you to call me, call me!” he demanded then disappeared.

Farquhar smiled at Alistair and Conrad, “I was just trying to keep him safe,” he laughed.

Farquhar spent the afternoon in the village center talking to his grandparents, Conrad and Alistair. When supper time came his grandparents were introduced to the village custom of eating together.

Just as Farquhar was digging into his pudding he saw something that made him drop his fork! Ms. Albright was walking into the village center, she walked straight up to Mickal who was at the pudding table and started talking to him like it was something she did every day. Farquhar’s brain had once more stopped working, he couldn’t process this, all he could do was stare.

Farquhar’s Family Secret: Fairy Notes Coming Soon!!!

This is a short excerpt from the next book, just to let everyone know it really is coming soon:

§§§  Anxiety began to build within Farquhar as he neared home – he was watching earnestly to get the first glimpse of the meadow. When he saw it he had to look then look again, the red flecks were now large spots, “that’s too weird,” he thought.

The bus stopped, “See you tomorrow,” said Sebastian.

“See ya,” said Farquhar.

“Hey,” said Sebastian catching him by the arm, “if you ever need help or anything, here just call me. Okay?” He gave Farquhar a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it.

“Okay,” said Farquhar, “thanks.”

“Not a prob,” smiled Sebastian. §§§

The adventure continues…